Tracking the tornadoes of 2016 (this project has been discontinued)

by Quincy Vagell and Ian Livingston


Posted: April 19, 2016. Last updated: August 1, 2016.

When it comes to tornado tracking year-to-year, a big item that has been missing is a near real-time U.S. tornado database.

A likely reason for the lack of such information is that there are many places to compile it from. It’s a daunting task to gather perhaps 1,200 tornadoes from potentially 100 or more sources. Nothing other than the Wikipedia compilation is public as a running tornado list, and Storm Data has at least a several month lag. The official tornado tabulation doesn’t currently show up until spring of the season following.

We attempted to disrupt that flow. We learned first hand of many of the difficulties of attempting a project like this. While we felt we offered up as accurate a look at the counts across the country as possible, we felt the product was always going to lack something we were looking for.

All the tornadoes of 2016 thru early June

Track length is measured in miles. Max width is measured in yards. Table data and top map as of June 9, 2016 with known tornadoes through the day prior.

DateEvent typeMonthNWSStart locationStateEF-ratingTrack lengthMax width
1/6/2016Small-scale1MTR7 N HollisterCAEF00.6720
1/6/2016Small-scale1SGX3 SW FillmoreCAEF00.567
1/9/2016Small-scale1TBW12 WSW Fort MyersFLEF23.4182
1/15/2016Small-scale1TBW6 SW Fort MyersFLEF10.1845
1/17/2016Small-scale1TBW7 SW DuetteFLEF29.2300
1/17/2016Small-scale1TBW2 SE Siesta KeyFLEF21.14350
1/17/2016Small-scale1MLB2 NNW Hobe SoundFLEF1175
1/21/2016Regional 11JAN9 SW SumrallMSEF26.6530
1/21/2016Regional 11JAN5 N Loyd StarMSEF15.4200
1/21/2016Regional 11JAN3 WSW PinolaMSEF13.9300
1/21/2016Regional 11LIX3 S KentwoodLAEF10.250
1/21/2016Regional 11JAN5 SE Crystal SpringsMSEF0350
1/21/2016Regional 11JAN6 WNW New SightMSEF01.0150
1/21/2016Regional 11JAN2 NW HomewoodMSEF02.175
1/22/2016Small-scale1TAE1 NNE Caney CreekFLEF03.0350
1/22/2016Small-scale1TAE3 NNW Broad BranchFLEF01.1750
1/27/2016Small-scale1MFL3 SSE Coconut CreekFLEF12.3535
1/28/2016Small-scale1MFL1 SW Ocean RidgeFLEF07.210
2/2/2016Regional 22JAN3 SW CollinsvilleMSEF221.4880
2/2/2016Regional 22JAN4 N Oak GroveMSEF218.5300
2/2/2016Regional 22BMX5 SWS CochraneMSEF226.21200
2/2/2016Regional 22JAN5 S NewtonMSEF17.5150
2/2/2016Regional 22MEG3 WSW AlamoTNEF12.7100
2/2/2016Regional 22JANShuqalakMSEF16.5150
2/2/2016Regional 22JAN1 SW NesobaMSEF10.750
2/2/2016Regional 22BMX1 NW Ashcraft CornerMSEF16.1500
2/2/2016Regional 22BMX4 S BeavertonMSEF14.2400
2/2/2016Regional 22BMX3 SE EthelsvilleMSEF04.21400
2/3/2016Small-scale2CAE2 ESE Pine RidgeSCEF00.675
2/15/2016Outbreak 12MOB3.4 W McDavidFLEF316.5300
2/15/2016Outbreak 12JANSW WessonMSEF230.8250
2/15/2016Outbreak 12MOB2.1 SE JohnsonvilleALEF22.2250
2/15/2016Outbreak 12JAN5 SE ThomastownMSEF11.9300
2/15/2016Outbreak 12JAN7 NE ZamaMSEF12.5200
2/15/2016Outbreak 12JAN2 SW SylvarenaMSEF12.72250
2/15/2016Outbreak 12JAN3 NE SylvarenaMSEF114.7350
2/15/2016Outbreak 12LIX4 SW TylertownMSEF14.96250
2/15/2016Outbreak 12MOB3.75 NNW Red LevelALEF14.550
2/15/2016Outbreak 12BMX4 SSW BrundidgeALEF15400
2/15/2016Outbreak 12BMX7.6 SW HugleyALEF16.8400
2/15/2016Outbreak 12LCH4 SE PlauchevilleLAEF00.320
2/15/2016Outbreak 12JAN3 NNE ClintonMSEF00.5250
2/15/2016Outbreak 12LCH5 SSW WelshLAEF000
2/15/2016Outbreak 12JAN8 NE MageeMSEF02.1100
2/15/2016Outbreak 12BMX2 S MathewsALEF02.575
2/15/2016Outbreak 12BMX5.7 SW CrawfordALEF07.2250
2/16/2016Outbreak 12MFL1 SW Pompano BeachFLEF13200
2/16/2016Outbreak 12MFL2 ENE Sun Life StadiumFLEF13.8150
2/16/2016Outbreak 12MHXDavisNCEF14.2500
2/16/2016Outbreak 12MFL1 ESE Moore HavenFLEF000
2/16/2016Outbreak 12MFL2 WNW SW RanchesFLEF06.50
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIX2 SW PaincourtvilleLAEF321350
2/23/2016Outbreak 22MOBEscambiaFLEF38300
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXLivingstonLAEF24.5440
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN5 ENE BaxtervilleMSEF25.6100
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXLaPlaceLAEF24.5250
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LCH1 SE BaldwinLAEF12.650
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN5 E CenterpointMSEF10.575
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXPearl RiverLAEF19.7150
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN6 E AngieLA/MSEF14.8200
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXAkersLAEF13250
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN7 SSW HattiesburgMSEF11.475
2/23/2016Outbreak 22MOB3 SE AveraMSEF11.5275
2/23/2016Outbreak 22MOB5 E AveraMSEF10.0375
2/23/2016Outbreak 22MOB4 W State LineMSEF11.62150
2/23/2016Outbreak 22BMX5 S PigeyeALEF12.2300
2/23/2016Outbreak 22TAE4 SSE PinckardALEF14.9200
2/23/2016Outbreak 22TAE4 NW DothanALEF11.9350
2/23/2016Outbreak 22TAE3 NNW DothanALEF13.8900
2/23/2016Outbreak 22TAE2 W HeadlandALEF11.1300
2/23/2016Outbreak 22TAEHardwickburgALEF10.5150
2/23/2016Outbreak 22HGX4 ESE Boling-IogoTXEF0230
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXKennerLAEF00.550
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIX3 SW White CastleLAEF03.350
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIX1 NW PrairievilleLAEF01.6200
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXSt. HelenaLAEF00.350
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIX4 SW White CastleLAEF01200
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN4 WSW BaxtervilleMSEF00.125
2/23/2016Outbreak 22BMX3 ENE ReformALEF04.8150
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXMadisonvilleLAEF00.525
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN1 SSW BentonMSEF01.2100
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN4 WSW ShiversMSEF00.640
2/23/2016Outbreak 22LIXLaCombeLAEF01.2575
2/23/2016Outbreak 22JAN8 ESE LumbertonMSEF03.975
2/23/2016Outbreak 22TAE1 WNW Bailey CrossroadALEF02.8200
2/23/2016Outbreak 22TAE2 NE BalkumALEF00.4100
2/24/2016Outbreak 22RNKEvergreenVAEF317400
2/24/2016Outbreak 22AKQMiddle PeninsulaVAEF330500
2/24/2016Outbreak 22RAH4 NE OxfordNCEF25125
2/24/2016Outbreak 22CTPWhite HorsePAEF24.87400
2/24/2016Outbreak 22TAE4 NW BlakelyGAEF12.3350
2/24/2016Outbreak 22TAE3 E Clarks MillGAEF15.1200
2/24/2016Outbreak 22TAE3 SSE ChokeeGAEF10.275
2/24/2016Outbreak 22TAE2 SSW WhighamGAEF112.9400
2/24/2016Outbreak 22TBW6 SW DuetteFLEF1850
2/24/2016Outbreak 22RNKAraratVAEF11.75880
2/24/2016Outbreak 22MHXCalypsoNCEF10.17100
2/24/2016Outbreak 22TBW4 E Port CharlotteFLEF11.1100
2/24/2016Outbreak 22AKQWaverlyVAEF19300
2/24/2016Outbreak 22RAH5 NW DurhamNCEF10.150
2/24/2016Outbreak 22AKQKeats PointVAEF15.5150
2/24/2016Outbreak 22BGMWyalusingPAEF11100
2/24/2016Outbreak 22AKQMoratticoVAEF17150
2/24/2016Outbreak 22AKQRemlikVAEF14150
2/24/2016Outbreak 22BMX4 SW ColumbianaALEF01.180
2/24/2016Outbreak 22MHXWarsawNCEF00.5150
2/24/2016Outbreak 22RAH4 WSW Seven SpringsNCEF01.2575
2/24/2016Outbreak 22TBWMurdockFLEF00.2100
2/24/2016Outbreak 22AKQColerainNCEF00.550
2/24/2016Outbreak 22CAEPatrick, SCSCEF0363
2/24/2016Outbreak 22AKQFork UnionVAEF04.5350
2/24/2016Outbreak 22LWXBeauvue, MDMDEF06.575
3/1/2016Small-scale3BMX0.5 SSE McAdory HSALEF25.59465
3/1/2016Small-scale3BMX1.6 WSW OverbrookALEF02.9980
3/1/2016Small-scale3BMX3.3 NW OpelikaALEF03.08100
3/3/2016Small-scale3MOBConecuh National ForestALEF100
3/7/2016Regional 33FWD1 E CoolTXEF12300
3/8/2016Regional 33FWDStephenvilleTXEF11100
3/8/2016Regional 33FWD1 E TolarTXEF11160
3/8/2016Regional 33FWD9 SSE KerensTXEF114150
3/8/2016Regional 33SJT3 NE KatemcyTXEF12185
3/8/2016Regional 33FWD2 SW BenbrookTXEF01.970
3/8/2016Regional 33FWD1 E The ColonyTXEF00.240
3/8/2016Regional 33EWXAndiceTXEF01.550
3/10/2016Small-scale3JAN1 W RaleighMSEF01.280
3/12/2016Regional 43PAH4 SSW MurrayKYEF00.3150
3/13/2016Regional 43LZK2 ESE Lake HinkleAREF14.8850
3/13/2016Regional 43LZK2 NNE Gap Creek RecAREF11.7180
3/13/2016Regional 43JAN1 SSW DermottAREF19.2300
3/13/2016Regional 43MEG4.5 NNW ParkinAREF11.97125
3/13/2016Regional 43LZK2.8 E MoscowAREF01.850
3/13/2016Regional 43LZK1 ESE Crocketts BluffAREF01.250
3/13/2016Regional 43LZK2.9 E Bayou MetoAREF01.350
3/13/2016Regional 43LZK0.5 WSW WyeAREF01.750
3/13/2016Regional 43JAN1 WNW ClevelandMSEF00.550
3/13/2016Regional 43MEG2.7 WSW MarvellAREF02.9100
3/13/2016Regional 43MEG2.6 NNW LexaAREF03.8125
3/14/2016Small-scale3ILNNW WheatvilleOHEF11.1100
3/14/2016Small-scale3ILN1 SE ArcanumOHEF12.2150
3/14/2016Small-scale3ILN1 ESE PitsburgOHEF00.75100
3/14/2016Small-scale3ILN1 SW LauraOHEF00.760
3/15/2016Regional 53DVN2.5 SE HamptonILEF24.8200
3/15/2016Regional 53DVNGood HopeILEF216900
3/15/2016Regional 53ILX2 NW TrivoliILEF27.1440
3/15/2016Regional 53DVN1.7 E Low MoorIAEF11.475
3/15/2016Regional 53DVN6.7 NW ClintonIAEF13.4300
3/15/2016Regional 53ILX2.4 W CurranILEF13.575
3/15/2016Regional 53DVN1 NNE McCauslandIAEF01.250
3/15/2016Regional 53DVN3.7 N Deer GroveILEF01.850
3/15/2016Regional 53ILX4 NW PeoriaILEF03.8200
3/17/2016Small-scale3LIXNW BiloxiMSEF00.0625
3/19/2016Small-scale3MFL1 SSE Fort LauderdaleFLEF000
3/23/2016Small-scale3TSA11 SE StillwellOK/AREF211800
3/23/2016Small-scale3SGF1 NNE Shell KnobMOEF13.8200
3/23/2016Small-scale3FWD3 SW HasletTXEF00.680
3/24/2016Small-scale3LCHLake CharlesLAEF10.1410
3/24/2016Small-scale3IWX3.3 NE HannaINEF00.9100
3/24/2016Small-scale3IWX1.1 W EdwardsburgMIEF01.4150
3/24/2016Small-scale3IWX2.5 SE South WanatahINEF00.150
3/24/2016Small-scale3MOB1 SW McKenzieALEF00.450
3/27/2016Small-scale3PAH2.5 NE CeruleanKYEF215.7200
3/27/2016Small-scale3MEG6.8 SSW CamdenTNEF12.04100
3/27/2016Small-scale3PAH5.4 W CroftonKYEF03.475
3/27/2016Small-scale3PAH2.7 SE White PlainsKYEF05.150
3/30/2016Outbreak 33TSA10 S SkiatookOKEF220800
3/30/2016Outbreak 33TSA2.2 SW ClaremoreOKEF26.4550
3/30/2016Outbreak 33TSA4 ENE NowataOKEF12.7120
3/30/2016Outbreak 33JAN5 S DermottAREF11.45100
3/30/2016Outbreak 33JAN1 SW DermottAREF13.67150
3/30/2016Outbreak 33ICTDexter, KSKSEF000
3/30/2016Outbreak 33TSA3 NE CentraliaOKEF02.50
3/31/2016Outbreak 33HUN2 NE HartselleALEF28.5200
3/31/2016Outbreak 33JAN1 WSW PurvisMSEF11.5150
3/31/2016Outbreak 33JAN3 SW New HopeMS/ALEF17.9600
3/31/2016Outbreak 33LIX4 ESE GreensburgLAEF10.250
3/31/2016Outbreak 33LIX5 S KentwoodLAEF14250
3/31/2016Outbreak 33PAH4 NW UticaKYEF13250
3/31/2016Outbreak 33IND3.5 SE LaFayetteINEF10.0330
3/31/2016Outbreak 33MEG2.5 NNW CounceTNEF11.575
3/31/2016Outbreak 33OHX7 SE LindenTNEF14300
3/31/2016Outbreak 33IWXAlbionINEF10.5150
3/31/2016Outbreak 33IWX3 NW WabashINEF10.7560
3/31/2016Outbreak 33BMX2.4 NW StaffordALEF12.08500
3/31/2016Outbreak 33BMX3.9 NNE EthelsvilleALEF12.88425
3/31/2016Outbreak 33BMX3.7 SE BluffALEF13.72650
3/31/2016Outbreak 33BMX2.9 NE HubbertvilleALEF13.7500
3/31/2016Outbreak 33BMX2.1 S Locust ForkALEF10.32275
3/31/2016Outbreak 33OHX4 NW HohenwaldTNEF0150
3/31/2016Outbreak 33BMX1.2 NW Boley SpringsALEF01.88400
4/1/2016Outbreak 34FFC0.5 NE CentervilleGAEF14.9350
4/1/2016Outbreak 34FFC2.5 SW AllentownGAEF12.4300
4/1/2016Outbreak 34JAX9 SSW PearsonGAEF17.81232
4/1/2016Outbreak 34JAX2 S MillwoodGAEF12.6792
4/1/2016Outbreak 34BMX0.7 S BeauregardALEF02.0950
4/1/2016Outbreak 34FFC2.5 N ReynoldsGAEF01.35300
4/1/2016Outbreak 34FFC1 ENE of BullardGAEF00.660
4/6/2016Regional 64BMX4 NW MidwayALEF27.74250
4/6/2016Regional 64BMX4 SW CrawfordALEF17.49200
4/6/2016Regional 64BMX5 SSE MontgomeryALEF06.01250
4/6/2016Regional 64BMX6 WSW HardawayALEF03.03300
4/6/2016Regional 64BMX4 WNW ShoptonALEF00.7750
4/6/2016Regional 64BMX5 SSW AuburnALEF00.72250
4/6/2016Regional 64BMX5 SE AuburnALEF04.71200
4/7/2016Regional 64TAE2 N BelvilleGAEF215.9250
4/7/2016Regional 64BMXBoot HillALEF05.37200
4/7/2016Regional 64BMX4 N HawkinsvilleALEF01.3275
4/7/2016Regional 64FFCProvidence CanyonGAEF00.1750
4/7/2016Regional 64FFC1 NE WestonGAEF05.2300
4/7/2016Regional 64TBW5 NW ClearwaterFLEF00.150
4/7/2016Regional 64TBW3 ENE ClearwaterFLEF00.850
4/7/2016Regional 64TBW1 NNE Port RicheyFLEF03.150
4/11/2016Small-scale4SHV9 ESE MagnoliaAREF01.225
4/12/2016Small-scale4BOU3 N GreeleyCOUNK00
4/15/2016Regional 74PUB~12 SSW EadsCOUNK1.15100
4/15/2016Regional 74PUB~8 S EadsCOUNK3.84150
4/15/2016Regional 74AMA5 E SturgisOKUNK00
4/15/2016Regional 74AMA5 SW EvaOKEF11.0760
4/15/2016Regional 74AMA3 WSW EvaOKEF0150
4/15/2016Regional 74DDCElkhartKSEF11.7125
4/15/2016Regional 74DDC~10 NE ElkhartKSEF03.49400
4/16/2016Small-scale4LUB9 SW GirardTXEF000
4/16/2016Small-scale4LUB13 ESE DickensTXEF000
4/16/2016Small-scale4LUB10 S DumontTXEF000
4/16/2016Small-scale4MAF3 SW HermleighTXEF000
4/19/2016Small-scale4MAF25 SE Fort StocktonTXEF000
4/19/2016Small-scale4LSX2 NNE LaddoniaMOEF0315
4/24/2016Small-scale4GID8 NW SuperiorNEEF12.8300
4/24/2016Small-scale4TOP2 NNW BellevileKSEF112.8150
4/24/2016Small-scale4ICT3 N HollyroodKSEF000
4/24/2016Small-scale4ICT10 W SalinaKSEF000
4/24/2016Small-scale4HGX2 WNW Dickinson TXTXEF01.430
4/26/2016Outbreak 44OUN1 NE MustangOKEF130
4/26/2016Outbreak 44FWDWhitesboroTXEF10.5100
4/26/2016Outbreak 44OUN4 NW JonesOKEF100
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA10 WNW HominyOKEF13.8450
4/26/2016Outbreak 44OUN3 NNW ByngOKEF120
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA7 SW WynonaOKEF16.9900
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA3 NW KellyvilleOKEF15.6550
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA4 SE WestportOKEF17800
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSATulsaOKEF13.8600
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSABixbyOKEF12.7350
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSABroken ArrowOKEF11150
4/26/2016Outbreak 44FWDHoweTXEF12.2150
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSAChecotahOKEF17.5400
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA4 WSW BraggsOKEF15.1800
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA7 W CooksonOKEF17.2700
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSATwin OaksOKEF110.1850
4/26/2016Small-scale4LSX4 WSW New MelleMOEF00.350
4/26/2016Outbreak 44ICT4 WSW MayfieldKSEF000
4/26/2016Small-scale4IND4 SW WorthingtonINEF00.175
4/26/2016Outbreak 44GID10 N KensingtonKSEF0100
4/26/2016Outbreak 44FWDBellsTXEF0675
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA9 WNW VinitaOKEF010.1500
4/26/2016Outbreak 44TSA2 S StrangeOKEF04.7750
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA11 SE NashobaOKEF11.5500
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA6 NE WyandotteOKEF11.6350
4/27/2016Outbreak 44SGF2 N SenecaMOEF11150
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA3 SW MuldrowOKEF14.3500
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA1 NE DecaturAREF19.1600
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA1 N CentertonOKEF12350
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSAKiblerAREF12.4300
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA3 NW CharlestonAREF13.2500
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA1 W WesleyAREF16.2500
4/27/2016Outbreak 44LCH1 SE WoodvilleTXEF10.750
4/27/2016Outbreak 44LCHNNE MagnoliaTXEF12.1750
4/27/2016Outbreak 44OAXOmahaNEEF10.6750
4/27/2016Outbreak 44OAXStantonIAEF11.7425
4/27/2016Outbreak 44PAH3 E OwensboroKYEF13150
4/27/2016Outbreak 44DVN1 WNW GreensburgMOEF10.240
4/27/2016Outbreak 44LSXMaywoodMOEF12150
4/27/2016Outbreak 44TSA7 W OzarkOKEF05.9700
4/27/2016Outbreak 44SGF1 NE BattlefieldMOEF00.140
4/27/2016Outbreak 44HGXTomballTXEF00.4140
4/27/2016Outbreak 44OAXOmahaNEEF000
4/27/2016Outbreak 44DMX6 ESE BedfordIAEF02.37200
4/27/2016Outbreak 44DMX6 E BedfordIAEF00.9140
4/27/2016Outbreak 44EAX8 NE CameronMOEF0425
4/27/2016Outbreak 44DMX2 WNW ClearfieldIAEF01.85110
4/27/2016Outbreak 44DMX5 S CrestonIAEF04.01250
4/27/2016Outbreak 44PAH5 SSW OwensboroKYEF01.5125
4/27/2016Small-scale4STO2 SSE WaterfordCAEF000
4/27/2016Outbreak 44ILX3 SSW AltamontILEF00.110
4/27/2016Outbreak 44ILX2 N OlneyILEF00.110
4/27/2016Outbreak 44LSXRaymondILEF000
4/27/2016Outbreak 44LSXEmdenMOEF0175
4/27/2016Outbreak 44DVN3 NW GrangerMOEF00.230
4/29/2016Regional 84SHV1 S LindaleTXEF21400
4/29/2016Regional 84SHV3 SW LindaleTXEF227.363220
4/29/2016Regional 84SHV4 SW AltoTXEF27.3820
4/29/2016Regional 84OUN2 NW ElginOKEF150
4/29/2016Regional 84OUN8 WSW NinnekahOKEF1120
4/29/2016Regional 84SHV6 SW ReklawTXEF10.75150
4/29/2016Regional 84SHV14 SSE MarshallTXEF15.65150
4/29/2016Regional 84SHV4 NW WaskomTXEF15.75200
4/29/2016Regional 84OUN5 ESE CyrilOKEF00.50
4/29/2016Small-scale4MEG~12 S NettletonMSEF000
4/29/2016Small-scale4MEG~5 NW AberdeenMSEF000
4/29/2016Regional 84FWD4 NE CelinaTXEF00.365
4/30/2016Small-scale4LCH3 E Big CaneLAUNK00
4/30/2016Regional 84LCH10 SW CallTXEF210.15500
4/30/2016Regional 84SHV5 NNW MarshallTXEF16.63350
4/30/2016Regional 84SHV8 S StampsTXEF11.5900
4/30/2016Regional 84SHV3 N WaldoAREF10.25130
4/30/2016Regional 84SHV9 SE BroaddusTXEF13.3380
5/1/2016Small-scale5IND1 SW LindenINEF00.125
5/7/2016Small-scale5PAH7 SE PetersburgINEF14.570
5/7/2016Regional 95BOU5 W WigginsCOEF28.81320
5/7/2016Regional 95BOU6 N OrchardCOEF00.550
5/7/2016Regional 95BOU14 SW New RaymerCOEF00.550
5/7/2016Regional 95BOU7 NW Fort MorganCOEF00.550
5/7/2016Regional 95GLD4 N HeartstrongCOEF00.525
5/7/2016Regional 95GLD4 N EckleyCOEF0350
5/7/2016Regional 95GLD3 S WrayCOEF0150
5/7/2016Regional 95GLD2 N WrayCOEF28440
5/8/2016Regional 105DDCNW HaysKSEF00.950
5/8/2016Regional 105OUN7 SW MarlowOKEF000
5/8/2016Regional 105DDC8 N CatharineKSEF27440
5/8/2016Regional 105GID4 S CodellKSEF13500
5/8/2016Regional 105LBF7 E StockvilleNEEF00.120
5/8/2016Regional 105DDCCedar Bluff ReservoirKSEF01.8525
5/8/2016Regional 105GLD1 NE IndianolaNEUNK00
5/9/2016Outbreak 55TSAHugoOKEF16.1650
5/9/2016Outbreak 55TSAHugo LakeOKEF06150
5/9/2016Outbreak 55LBF7 E StockvilleNEEF00.120
5/9/2016Small-scale5GGW23 NE BrocktonMTUNK00
5/9/2016Outbreak 55SHV.2 NE Spring HillTXEF12390
5/9/2016Outbreak 55SHV3.4 NE Spring HillTXEF10.25120
5/9/2016Outbreak 55LZK1 W AvillaAREF12.7200
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUN1 S KatieOKEF490
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUNLake ThunderbirdOKEF000
5/9/2016Outbreak 55GID1 N OdessaNEEF00.120
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUN5 N DavisOKEF3170
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUN6 NNW SulphurOKEF1130
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OAXLincolnNEEF10.2100
5/9/2016Outbreak 55GID2 E FairfieldNEEF02.735
5/9/2016Outbreak 55DVN5 N WinfieldIAEF000
5/9/2016Outbreak 55DVN2 SE BushnellILEF00.0950
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUN9 WSW BromideOKEF390
5/9/2016Outbreak 55DVN8 ESE RosevilleILEF000
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUN6 WNW AtokaOKEF1120
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUN4 ENE WapanukaOKEF00.525
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUNNW StillwaterOKEF260
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OUN4 SE BenningtonOKEF312.73100
5/9/2016Outbreak 55TOP5 N GreenKSUNK00
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OAX1 SW NehawkaNEEF200
5/9/2016Outbreak 55OAXLincolnNEEF10.59100
5/9/2016Outbreak 55DMX8 W Guthrie CenterIAUNK00
5/9/2016Outbreak 55DMXCoon RapidsIAUNK00
5/10/2016Regional 115LMK3 ESE GarfieldKYEF10.425
5/10/2016Regional 115PAH6 W MayfieldKYEF319450
5/10/2016Small-scale5LBF1 N AtkinsonNEEF00.2300
5/10/2016Regional 115PAHApexKYEF15100
5/10/2016Small-scale5GID2 SW ChapmanNEUNK00
5/10/2016Regional 115PAH3 ESE Karbers RidgeILEF00.10
5/10/2016Regional 115PAH6 WSW MorganfieldKYEF13.650
5/10/2016Regional 115LMK1 NE HartfordKYEF28.6300
5/10/2016Regional 115PAH2 S CeruleanKYEF0150
5/11/2016Small-scale5LSX3 SSE BourbonMOEF24.5700
5/11/2016Small-scale5PAH4 SW OwensvilleINEF11.525
5/16/2016Regional 125AMANW FeltOKEF000
5/16/2016Regional 125AMA25 WNW DalhartTXEF000
5/16/2016Regional 125AMA10 E CanadianTXEF000
5/16/2016Regional 125AMA16 S TexlineTXEF10.825
5/16/2016Regional 125AMA16 WNW DalhartTXEF00.250
5/16/2016Regional 125AMA3 S CanadianTXEF00.125
5/16/2016Regional 125AMA5 E CanadianTXEF01025
5/17/2016Small-scale5MLBVero Beach HighlandsFLEF10.25100
5/17/2016Small-scale5MLBLakewood ParkFLEF10.575
5/17/2016Small-scale5MLB5 NW Fort PierceFLEF00.750
5/17/2016Small-scale5CHS1 WNW BloomingdaleGAEF11100
5/21/2016Small-scale5GLD7 NW LeotiKSUNK00
5/21/2016Small-scale5GLD15 N LeotiKSUNK00
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA3 NW HowardwickTXEF00.3625
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA3 NW HowardwickTXEF11.0575
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA11 SSE WakaTXEF02.575
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA13 SSE FarnsworthTXEF11.6500
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA12 SSE FarnsworthTXEF11.5400
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA18 SSW PerrytonTXEF12.475
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA~20 S PerrytonTXUNK00
5/22/2016Outbreak 75AMA~22 SSE PerrytonTXUNK00
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF11 WNW Big SpringTXEF311.8900
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF1 NNW LomaxTXEF01.9100
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF3 NNW LeesTXEF02.3100
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF4 SE LomaxTXEF00.650
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF4 SW LeesTXEF23.6200
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF4 NNW Garden CityTXEF33.7200
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF2 NNW Garden CityTXEF21.9150
5/22/2016Outbreak 75MAF1 WSW Garden CityTXEF01.450
5/22/2016Outbreak 75UNR2 SE LittleburgSDEF22100
5/22/2016Outbreak 75ABR8 NE HerreidSDEF00.2530
5/22/2016Outbreak 75UNR7 N ClearfieldSDEF10.7220
5/22/2016Outbreak 75LUBPlaskaTXEF100
5/22/2016Outbreak 75DDC12 W FriendKSUNK00
5/22/2016Outbreak 75DDC7 E LydiaKSUNK00
5/23/2016Small-scale5GID3 N JuniataNEEF000
5/23/2016Small-scale5LUB10 W NorthfieldTXEF39880
5/23/2016Small-scale5OUN4 NNW WoodwardOKUNK00
5/23/2016Small-scale5OUNSE SelmanOKEF000
5/24/2016Outbreak 85MQT7 WNW RepublicMIEF14440
5/24/2016Outbreak 85MQT12 WSW IshpemingMIEF17440
5/24/2016Outbreak 85TSA6 E ShamrockOKEF18900
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC6 SW Scott CityKSUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC4 S Scott CityKSUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC4 NNW ManningKSUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC4 W HealyKSUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC1 NW ShieldsKSUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC1 E PendennisKSUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC12 SSE BeelerKSUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC16 SSW Dodge CityKSEF312300
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC9 SW Dodge CityKSEF14.8150
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC11 SW Ness CityKSEF37200
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC6 SW Dodge CityKSEF317.41300
5/24/2016Outbreak 85AMA11 S SpearmanTXUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC7 N Dodge CityKSEF310.2100
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC12 NW JetmoreKSEF35.7700
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC9 S KinsleyKSEF14.3100
5/24/2016Outbreak 85BOU1 SE AkronCOEF0010
5/24/2016Outbreak 85BOU1 NE AkronCOEF0010
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC8 S KinsleyKSEF25.4150
5/24/2016Outbreak 85BOU1 NE PlatnerCOEF10.920
5/24/2016Outbreak 85DDC4 S LewisKSEF38.31100
5/24/2016Outbreak 85BOU7 NNW YumaCOEF10.190
5/24/2016Outbreak 85GLD8 N YumaCOUNK00
5/24/2016Outbreak 85LBF9 S ImperialNEEF00.150
5/25/2016Regional 135TSA7 NNE MorrisOKEF11.8350
5/25/2016Regional 135TOP3 S MinneapolisKSEF000
5/25/2016Regional 135TOP6 NW SolomonKSEF426880
5/25/2016Regional 135OUN3 NW CarrierOKUNK00
5/25/2016Regional 135TOP3 S Alta VistaKSEF15.775
5/25/2016Regional 135TOP6 S EskridgeKSEF14.0850
5/26/2016Regional 145HGXBryanTXEF11.950
5/26/2016Regional 145TOP~10 E ManhattanKSEF000
5/26/2016Regional 145TOPWamegoKSEF15.5200
5/26/2016Regional 145HGX6 SSE NavasotaTXEF10.150
5/26/2016Regional 145HGX6 SSE NavasotaTXEF21.28200
5/26/2016Regional 145TOP~20 WNW TopekaKSEF000
5/26/2016Regional 145TOP~10 WNW TopekaKSEF01.550
5/26/2016Regional 145EAX7 SSW Whiteman AFBMOEF00.2525
5/26/2016Regional 145HGXConroeTXEF11300
5/26/2016Regional 145SJTBurkettTXEF100
5/26/2016Regional 145FWD1 E SidneyTXEF01.0140
5/27/2016Small-scale5PUB~20 ENE Sheridan LakeCOUNK0.0950
5/27/2016Small-scale5PUB~25 E Sheridan LakeCOUNK1.01100
5/27/2016Small-scale5PUB~20 E Sheridan LakeCOUNK0.6675
5/28/2016Small-scale5ABR3 SW BowdleSDEF00.220
5/28/2016Small-scale5SJT19 SE JunctionTXEF24.8150
5/30/2016Small-scale5CYS4 WNW LorenzoNEUNK00
5/30/2016Small-scale5CYS2 S BrownsonNEUNK00
5/30/2016Small-scale5BOU6 W PeetzCOEF000
5/30/2016Small-scale5CYS3 NW LorenzoNEUNK00
5/31/2016Small-scale5OUN4 W PocassetOKEF00.730
5/31/2016Small-scale5OUN3 NW PocassetOKEF00.510
5/31/2016Small-scale5OUN4 N PocassetOKEF00.330
5/31/2016Small-scale5CRP3 SW RicardoTXEF00.430
6/3/2016Small-scale6MPXSt MartinMNUNK00
6/4/2016Small-scale6ILNNE ColumbusOHEF00.3135
6/4/2016Small-scale6ILN5 NW RichmondINEF01.4150
6/4/2016Small-scale6GRBLoon LakeWIEF000
6/5/2016Small-scale6CTPN WarrenPAEF10.6200
6/5/2016Small-scale6PUB5 N MoffatCOUNK00

Search tips: While it’s not perfect, the search tool with the table above does work quite well. Try the drop downs for quick looks at various events, or by month, which NWS office has the most tornadoes and more. Typing in a rating like EF0 will bring up tornadoes of that EF-rating, and that also has a drop down. Did we mention you can stack the drop downs? Play around with it! Please note we have added “0” to track length and max width in order to allow the sorting features to work properly. “0” indicates the information is unknown.

[Tracking the current and near-term U.S. tornado risk]

What UNK means, and data may not be 100% accurate: In addition to tornadoes we have been able to confirm through NWS surveys, carried out and reported via various methods, we will also include UNK for an unknown rating. In many cases this rating will be due to tornadoes that have recently occurred — we’re talking visual or perhaps radar evidence — but have not yet been rated. The evidence is key here. We will not include reports that have not in any way been verified, even though they may be at a later time. We will include tornadoes we have seen personal evidence of, even if they are not shown elsewhere. As Storm Data is released, we will compare our numbers to those that will ultimately hit the official database next year and correct as needed. Occasionally, UNK may also be used for a tornado that is rated but its EF-scale details are left out. We go to great lengths to share accurate information, yet many of these pieces will continue to move for a while. Please consider it a bit fluid, especially when it comes to tornadoes in the past two weeks or so.

This experiment has ended

We tried. Not all projects succeed. In many cases, coming to terms with the failure is better than continuing it. After falling off the wagon of keeping up with reports, we have been compiling them in private for a future update while debating how to go about it.

The short story here is we don’t think we can offer an accurate and useful enough product to make it worth our time and effort. What we have gathered is as accurate as we can make it, but reporting standards across the National Weather Service are too messy to totally figure out as a small team of unpaid researchers.

As we’ve carried out the task of manually combining information from dozens and dozens of sources, we’ve found additional difficulties. Certain offices are very slow to update info. Often their updates will show up with no notice 6-10 weeks later. This was the case with the Dodge City area tornado event of May 24. Other offices never even report tornado details publicly.

While it is understandable that these things are fluid, especially when it involves surveying 30 or more tornadoes, our ability to track and backtrack is simply insufficient to capture everything.

We commend the folks over at Wikipedia for doing this as a group effort. It is not an easy task and the rewards are relatively limited. The project was informative, though. We have learned many lessons about how it is carried out and which offices excel at reporting tornadoes compared to others.

In the current age of data, we would like to underscore our initial hope that doing this would lead the National Weather Service to figure out a way to keep relatively updated numbers and lists going throughout the year. This data could be listed as preliminary and subject to change, but actual numbers would be hugely useful compared to reports which are often duplicated, triplicated, or even totally miss tornadoes. Reporting and response would be greatly served with better numbers throughout the year.

NWS should expedite a way to get this done. The data is already gathered. It would likely take a fraction of additional time to compile it in a sortable list fashion similar to what is presented here.

Old Imagery

As of June 9


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