Chasecation 2017, Day 1: Positioning for Tuesday

We used today as another travel day to get ourselves ready for chasing on Tuesday. Southern Kansas seems to be the most likely play, though northern Oklahoma could sneak something better in if storms fire there.

While Tuesday doesn’t look good in terms of getting supercells and tornadoes, some more general thunderstorms could wet our appetite and get us ready for better-looking chase setups Wednesday through around Friday.

For late May and early June, this is one of the bleaker chasecation prospects we have faced, but I’m fairly sure that there will be some surprisingly interesting storm setups over the next two weeks. It is the peak climo period for tornado days for a reason.

Also, my car decided that the A/C shouldn’t work anymore, so for the second year now, we will have to get my A/C system looked at and hopefully get it repaired ASAP.

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