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The Tri-State Tornado of 1925

On March 18, 1925 a dark “smokey fog” touched down approximately three miles northwest of Ellington, Missouri. It would become known as the Tri-State Tornado. By all accounts, it was a monster.

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Leap Day Tornadoes 1952-2008

Note: This post does not consider any additional tornadoes that are confirmed on Feb 29, 2012 with storms ongoing or additional storms today. It will be updated or a follow-on post will be made as necessary. A few weeks ago I took a look at

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February tornado deaths from 1950-2010

As seen in the quick-wrap of February tornado statistics, 435 people were killed by 1,441 tornadoes from 1950-2010. Additionally, an examination of the major Mississippi Valley Tornado Outbreak showed that over 1/4 of deaths occurred in just two days of February. Other top years all

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Valentine’s Day Tornadoes since 1950

There have been 38 tornadoes in the United States on Valentine’s Day (February 14) since modern records began in 1950. 11 states have seen tornadoes on Valentine’s Day: Mississippi (9), Arkansas (5), Idaho (5), Georgia (3), Oklahoma (3), Texas (3), California (2), Louisiana (2), Missouri