Halloween tornadoes: The spooky historical facts

Tornado data courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center. Map by Kathryn Prociv.

Halloween tornado data via the Storm Prediction Center. Click for larger. (Map by Kathryn Prociv)

From 1950-2012 there have been 54 confirmed tornadoes on Halloween Day.

Below are some quick facts about these extra-spooky tornadoes….

Halloween tornadoes by Fujita/Enhanced Fujita Scale:

  • F/EF0: 22
  • F/EF1: 17
  • F/EF2: 11
  • F/EF3: 3
  • Unknown: 1

The top-5 states that have seen the most tornadoes on Halloween:

  • Florida: 11
  • Kansas: 11
  • Texas: 10
  • Oklahoma: 8
  • Nebraska: 8

The year of the “greatest” Halloween tornado outbreak? 2000:

  • 17 tornadoes across Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. (Check out that classic trough!)
  • 30% of all Halloween tornadoes from 1950-2012 occurred on the 31st in 2000, including several strong tornadoes.
  • This was the last time there have been tornadoes on Halloween.

Is the Tampa, Florida area haunted by tornadoes on Halloween? Eight have occurred there on October 31 since 1950.

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