10 tremendous tornadoes (photos)

Tornadoes can be very scary, but they’re also incredible. Photographing one in person is a tricky ordeal for many reasons, most importantly the question of safety. When adrenaline is pumping, getting the shot can be even more difficult.

Over the two years since we started this site, we’ve been fortunate enough to have a number of excellent photographers join up with the U.S. Tornadoes photo group over on flickr and share photos there.

In the spirit of kicking off peak tornado season (April, May, and June), below are my current top 10 from the group. Truly stunning.

Fall River County, SD
Blake Knapp


Washington, IL
John Miller via nomad55


Snyder, OK
Brett Roberts


La Grange, WY
12-Foot Hedgehog Productions


Bennington, KS
Beth McCarley


Shawnee, OK
Brett Wright of Tornado Titans


Salina, KS
Aaron Hill


Farmington, IL
Stan Olson


Campo, CO
Willoughby Owen


Roggen, CO
Bryce Bradford


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4 thoughts on “10 tremendous tornadoes (photos)”

  1. joecolorado says:

    What are your thoughts about the classic black-and-white photos of tornadoes from the late 1800s through the middle of the 1950s? Many of them were compiled into books such as Tornadoes of the United States by Snowden Flora or John Stanford’s history of tornadoes in Iowa. Photography was not as accessible to the public back then as it is now, so it is interesting to compare those photos with the ones we have today (such as the ones posted above).

    1. Ian Livingston says:

      Not a bad idea, may steal it for a future post. 😉 I have a number of books detailing historical tornadoes including those by Grazulis. I’ve been meaning to take a day trip to some of the archival museums in the area to see what there might be to find there too.

      In the past it was often more a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for most people who were photographing it. There are some amazing pics of old tornadoes as well though. I think in general you might see more ‘good lighting and proper angle’ shots now than in the past. Plus an extra amount of not so great ones heh.

  2. Jim Dahlem says:

    Wow, great photos, the Campo CO one is very stunning.

  3. shiven says:

    prakarti ke achraj(wonders of nature)

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