Top U.S. tornado videos of 2015

Following the narrative of the past several years, 2015 was a bit of an odd one when it came to tornadoes.

The year started historically quiet and was that way most of the time from June-December, other than an unusually far west outbreak on November 16. On the flip side, April and May were both rather active in what is typically the heart of peak tornado season. While there were no super high-end outbreaks throughout the year, there were some higher-impact days, and actually quite a few photogenic tornadoes.

As we’ve done for 2012, 2013, and 2014, here are this year’s top tornado videos.

March 25 – EF2 in Sand Springs, Oklahoma
by Basehunters

April 9 – EF4 near Rochelle, Illinois
by Dave Walker

This one was also quite excellent.

May 5 – EF1 near Big Spring, Texas
by Brandon Sullivan/Tornado Titans

May 6 – EF2 near Scandia, Kansas
by Trevor Tetley/

May 7 – EF1 near Krum, Texas
by Skip Talbot

May 9 – EF3 near Cisco and Eastland, Texas
by Scott Currens

May 9 – EF0 near Eads, Colorado
by Cory Reppenhagen

May 16 – EF3 near Elmer, Oklahoma
by Chris Streeks

May 27 – EF2 near Canadian, Texas
by Mike Scantlin, Courtney Knight/TVNWeather

May 29 – EF0 near Dora, New Mexico
by Marco Rank

June 4 – EF0s/EF1 near Simla, Colorado
by Weather Adventures

June 5 – EF? near Vona, Colorado
by Brett Roberts

July 16 – EF2 near Monmouth, Illinois
by Kholby Martin

July 13 – EF3 near Hutchinson, Kansas
by Justin Watkins

July 23 – EF1 near Alpena, South Dakota
by Police Dashcam

August 2 – EF1 near Nevinville, Iowa
by Mike Gillespie/Live Storms Media

September 18 – EF1 near Hillsdale, Kansas
by Brandon Ivey

October 23 – EF0 near Hospers, Iowa
by Brent Koops/KDR Media

December 23 – EF3 near Clarksdale, Mississippi
by Tornado Trackers

Also worth viewing, there is a portion with twin tornadoes around 6:15 in.

December 26 – EF4 near Rowlette, Texas (EF3 in area)
by Basehunters

Almost in the U.S.!: July 27 – Manitoba, Canada
by Greg Johnson/Tornado Hunters

Had to include one of the top five North American tornado events of the year!

Originally posted on December 18, edited on December 30 to add two tornadoes from fairly rare late-December significant events.

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