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Current Storm Prediction Center tornado probabilities

View current day 1 severe weather outlook

Current tornado probabilities within 10 miles of a point via the Storm Prediction Center.

Current SPC severe weather risk level and convective watches

Visit the Storm Prediction Center Web site

Current activity and updated severe weather risk and watch graphics via Storm Prediction Center.

Forecast Tools
TwisterData.com Data and ModelsCOD Meteorology Model Page | SPC Short Range Ensemble Forecast (SREF) Page

Short-Term Tools
SPC Mesoanalysis Pages | SPC Observed Soundings | CONUS Radar Loop (large)

Radar and storm chaser feeds (image may not load on mobile)

Current Infrared Satellite over the United States

Satellite imagery
NASA Regional Viewer (Vis, IR, WV)

Current temperatures across the United States as of the last hourly update.

Current Dew Points

Surface Dewpoints as of the last hourly cycle.

Current Surface CAPE

Most recent hourly mesonalysis for surface based CAPE (Convective Potential Energy)


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