Top U.S. tornado videos of 2017

2017 was a big year for tornado numbers. It started early with several tornado outbreaks in January and February. It stayed at an above average pace through spring. Although the heart of peak season was not necessarily ideal for storm chasers, tornadoes continued to come at a fairly regular pace into summer. A big hurricane season threw a whole bunch more our way as several of those storms made landfall.

Over the final few months of 2017, activity was relatively sparse, but a few memorable tornadoes still happened. Despite a relatively tranquil end, 2017 will go down as a year that’s above average overall, and it certainly had its fair share of breathtaking twisters.

Past years: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

In our sixth installment of this series, below are 2017’s top tornado videos…

January 16 – Houston, Texas
by Alan Sheppeard

January 22 – Albany, Georgia
by Live Storms Media

This isn’t the best video of the bunch, but Georgia had such a huge tornado year, had to include at least one.

February 7 – New Orleans, Louisiana
by Jeron Clark

February 28 – Washburn, Illinois
by Weatherman Will

March 28 – Anson, Texas
by Pecos Hank

April 14 – Dimmitt, Texas
by Stas Speransky

April 15 – Syracuse, Nebraska
by Katie Krivolavek

April 29 – Canton, Texas
by Storm Chasing Video
that awful copyright stuff tho

May 16 – McLean, Texas
by Gabe Garfield

May 18 – Waynoka, Oklahoma
by Twisting Fury

June 12 – Wyoming and Nebraska
by Max Olson Chasing

June 13 – Hancock, Minnesota
by Tornado Tailgaiters

June 24 – Howell, New Jersey

June 28 – Stuart, Iowa
by Winston Wells

This one was also a contender on that day… Iowa!

July 11 – Mayville, North Dakota
by Reed Timmer/Accuweather

July 11 – Conroy, Iowa
by Aaron Meyer

And this one was good enough to see more. Another angle part one and part two of this gorgeous Iowa tornado. Iowa!

August 26 – Cypress, Texas
by Troy

For more on the hurricane tornadoes of 2017, see our breakdown of Harvey. Later storms also dropped a number of tornadoes, or maybenadoes, like this one that almost took out Mike Bettes of TWC.

November 5 – Portland, Indiana
by Live Storms Media

If Canada Was The U.S… Honorable Mention

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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