The 10 best songs with tornado lyrics

I was listening to Pandora when I heard a song mention a tornado. That made me think… how many songs mention tornadoes or twisters? Short answer: a lot.

A simple Google query of a popular website for lyrics showed over 500 songs. And it’s likely just a sample of the more well-known tunes. After perusing the results, a selection of the “best” music that mentions a tornado was at hand.

Just keep in mind the 10 (least best) to 1 (very best) rankings are generally quite relative here…


#10: Amanda Marshall – Inside the Tornado

This song proves that to make a top 10 list for best tornado songs, you don’t even have to aspire to an average song. Of course, everything is clear when you’re inside the tornado.

#9: Little Big Town – Tornado

If we’re talking cinematography, this could be a top 5 easily. Alas, we’re not. One thing’s for sure: you can feel it coming. Then when it does, you realize “tornado” must be symbolic. A real foot tapper.

#8: Chris Cagle – Something that Wild

She’s like a storm of wild like horses as they thunder across the Plains, the mighty Mississippi, and a raging tornado in an angry Kansas sky. Sure, why not.

#7: Don McLean – Magdalene Lane

Put the Wizard of Oz in a tune and you’ve got a winner. A Kansas tornado over a rainbow is certainly a grand site.

#6: Chasing Twisters – Delta Rae

I’m not sure this is actually about tornadoes, but Rae does say the Badlands is her cathedral. I mean, really… how storm chaser is that?!

#5: Chris Ledoux – Colorado

A short song with a quick mention of a twister. But I really liked it. Ahh, Colorado. ๐Ÿ™‚

#4: Drive by Truckers – Tornadoes

Many of the songs in this post note a tornado in passing. Here, it’s the main focus. You can picture the scene in your mind.

#3: Rodney Atkins – It’s America

One thing about songs with twister mentions: many highlight life across the region where they’re most likely. This song has a small tornado mention but it’s quite spot on in my opinion.

#2: Carrie Underwood – Blown Away

Multiple weather references, supercell video, bad CGI, and an actual music star. One of the few videos with choreography as well. Let’s do this!

#1: Toby Keith – Trailerhood

As someone who rarely listens to country these days, I am still a Toby Keith music fan. Humorous throughout. There’s a high quality mention of a tornado as well!

Honorable mention…

Also, lol (contains language): Songify This : TORNADO SONG!! – look at the tree

Suggested additions

Several comments below and on Twitter have pointed out songs that would have had strong consideration had they been noted in the first search! I’ve added the most named or best fitting in below.

Agree? Disagree? Did we miss something? Let us know! Originally posted at 11:30a EST on November 3. Updated at 4:30 EST the same day.

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13 thoughts on “The 10 best songs with tornado lyrics”

  1. joecolorado says:

    I can’t resist asking–have any of these been performed by the instrumental ensemble The Tornadoes (best known for their early 1960s hit Telstar)? If so, that would be on the same line as the band Kansas performing Wichita Lineman or the band Police performing I Fought the Law–and The Law Won!

  2. Keith says:

    Here’s a more nuanced gem for weather watchers. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) makes inordinate references to weather in many of their lyrics – an unusual quirk weather buffs will pick up on when listening to ELO songs. Another strange fact is that one of their first albums, “El Dorado”, features a screenshot from the original Wizard of Oz of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Catchy songs, cryptic weather references, and tunes that seemingly serenade the sky make ELO apropos for storm chasing.

    1. Ian Livingston says:

      Interesting, thanks!

  3. enchiladaplate (@enchiladaplate) says:

    Don’t forget Neko Case’s This Tornado Loves You:

    1. Ian Livingston says:

      This one had a few votes. I’ll add a section at bottom with suggestions!

  4. DK says:

    What? No GO TEAM’s T.O.R.N.A.D.O ? Great for those who forget how to spell tornado too.

  5. MrPhotoBlitz says:

    I think Tom Rush did one with the words “isn’t it a might storm…that blew all the people away.”

  6. DMA says:

    I’d have to add in a song by the Rural Alberta Advantage “Tornado ’87” about a destructive Edmonton tornado…

  7. Elie Kraiman says:

    there’s this popular french song called derniere danse.

  8. Chris says:

    No list is complete without The Rainmakers “Tornado of Love” firmly planted in the number one position!!! Can’t believe ya didn’t have that one!!

  9. Geoff says:

    How is Springsteen’s “The Promised Land” not on here??

    Well there’s a dark cloud rising from the desert floor
    I packed my bags and I’m heading straight into the storm
    Gonna be a twister to blow everything down
    That ain’t got the faith to stand its ground
    Blow away the dreams that tear you apart
    Blow away the dreams that break your heart
    Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted

  10. EdwardE says:

    Another songs lyrics about Tornado:

    Tornado by Little Big Town
    The Tornado Song by Company Of Thieves
    Inside The Tornado by Amanda Marshall
    Short-Haired Tornado by Fair To Midland
    Tornados by Ben Lee
    The Tornado Lessons by Cloud Cult
    Talula (The Tornado Mix) by Tori Amos
    This Tornado Loves You by Neko Case
    Midnight/tornado by Skid Row
    Texas Tornado by Tracy Lawrence
    Tornado by Garbage
    Tornadoes by Drive-By Truckers
    My Tornado by The Raveonettes
    Trailer Vs Tornado by Sent By Ravens
    Tornado Girl! by Ellis Paul
    My Tornado by Ravonettes
    Tornado by The Answer
    Tornado of Souls by Megadeth
    Tornado by Mindless Self Indulgence
    Tornado Alley by Gaelic Storm
    When Tornados Take Over The World by They Might Be Giants
    Laredo Tornado by Electric Light Orchestra
    Tornado by Sara Groves
    Tornado by Jonsi
    Warning Tornado by Rihanna


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