Chasecation 2016, Day 7: Kansas does it again

We may never leave Kansas. Seriously.

I don’t need to explain why we love Kansas at this point. I’ve done so already for the first and second tornado days of our trip.

It was another day of extreme instability. Another day of dry line storm formation. Another day of boundary interactions going crazy.

Dubbed “Bennington 2.0” in the leadup, the tornado was shocking similar at game time.

I must admit, as someone who saw both of these events, part two was likely the more intense and photogenic. Instead of stalling and rain wrapping, this one kept slowly churning eastward for upwards of 90 minutes.

I thought for sure on Tuesday that one of the Dodge City tornadoes would end up “tornado of the week” this week, but now it has a contender in this one. We’ll have to see the rating, but there’s at least a moderate chance it will end up a violent tornado of EF4+ rating.

In addition to debarking trees, the tornado ripped up railroad tracks and damaged or destroyed at least 20 homes near I70 in northeast Kansas.

I’ll keep this short since we’ve got another higher end risk today. It could be messy, but it’s likely that several to numerous tornadoes will occur across the region as a larger trough ejects into the Plains.

Today's tornado outlook from the Storm Prediction Center.

Today’s tornado outlook from the Storm Prediction Center.

After today we should see things tend to wind down a bit for the remainder of the trip, but we’ll still be hunting down storms wherever we can find them.

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3 thoughts on “Chasecation 2016, Day 7: Kansas does it again”

  1. The Dude says:

    Great shots! You guys have already had a phenomenally successful chase

  2. sarah says:

    Yep stay in ks or go to ok they are always getting hit with these tornados in the samespot it seems nice pics guys i wouldnot be out doing what you guys do thank you for keeping us all safe

  3. tomkahmann says:

    love the sound effects, sounds like you were at an indy race while chasing tornadoes….

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