Top U.S. tornado videos of 2016

While 2016 was another in a string of quiet tornado years, it might be the best of the past few when it comes to tornado videos.

Interestingly enough, the two biggest tornado days of the year both fail to show up in the videos below. Both of those days came outside peak season, during times where tornadoes like to hang out in the trees of the Southeast, often at night and sometimes without even being noticed.

As tornado watchers, we are constantly reminded that even in a tame year there are days that will be thought of for decades. This year, we saw one of those on May 24. In many ways we can be thankful — 2016 brought plenty of the best mother nature has to offer, and with minimal consequences.

Without further ado, and as we’ve done for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, here are this year’s top tornado videos…

February 2 – McMullen, Alabama
by StormChaseTV

March 30 – Tulsa, Oklahoma
by Richard Meulenberg

April 15 – Lamar/Eads, Colorado
by Ben McMillan

May 7 – Wray, Colorado
by Reed Timmer and Maria Molina

[Tornado of the week: A tall and dusty twister near Wray, Colorado on May 7, 2016]

May 9 – Katie, Oklahoma
by Dick McGowan and Darin Brunin

[Tornado of the week: Katie, Oklahoma dry line beast of May 9, 2016]

May 9 – Sulphur, Oklahoma
by BasehuntersChasing

May 24 – Dodge City, Kansas
by Greg Johnson

A chase day chasers dream of. Folks like Dan Robinson, Brian Miner, Reed Timmer, Robert Sinner, Chad Cowan, my chase partner Quincy Vagell, and too many more to list also got amazing video.

May 25 – Chapman, Kansas
by Pecos Hank

[Tornado of the week: Violent Kansas long-tracker on May 25, 2016]

June 13 – Potter, Texas
by Charles Robertson

July 15, 2016 – Syracuse, Kansas
by WeatherNation

August 3 – Bisbee, North Dakota
by Kelley Williamson

August 24 – Kokomo, Indiana
by Jonathan Davis

[This is how the ‘surprise’ Indiana and Ohio tornado outbreak of August 24, 2016 happened]

August 24 – Defiance, Ohio
by Brandon Copic/Live Storms Media

September 9 – Block, Illinois
by JWSevereWeatherMedia

September 17 – Goldsmith, Texas
by Stacy Gifford

October 6 – Saline County, Kansas
by Kris Fagen/SVLMedia LLC
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