Chasecation 2017, Day 2: Just trying to not bust

Today we ventured into Kansas to see if we could find the least mundane storm of the day. In that venture, we were semi-successful.

Instead of the northeast Kansas/western Missouri play that produced multiple rounds of okay-looking thunderstorms, we dropped into south-central Kansas to find a smaller cluster of okay-looking thunderstorms. Storm of the day? No. Was it that much worse? Nah.

Today was a good practice day. We now remember all of the general rules that we follow on our regular chase days, and today was a good reminder why we follow those rules, as not following them took us away from the best storms.

Our storm did have a small hail core and did get severe-warned, but overall it was pretty meh for the Plains. We’re going to study up on tomorrow’s setup and get after some real storms.

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One thought on “Chasecation 2017, Day 2: Just trying to not bust”

  1. Au says:

    Do you think OK is going to be getting some tornadic weather in the coming days?

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